3 Tips on Winning Against your Opponent


Are you always gets frustrated when losing a battle? Well I feel you! I got a lot of lost battle when I starting Clash Royale because of my no brainer attack strategy, I just mixing my cards and just dropping what card is available on my deck, so I have a tips for you, don’t do what I did before, that is just a garbage moves. But today I will be sharing to you some tips on how I improved my skills on Clash Royale, let’s start.


  1. Prepare your cards – Always experiment on different decks, don’t just focus on your one deck. In every deck you need to have a card that has high hitpoints like Giants, a huts like Barbarian huts, a high damage cards like Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Prince, and spells like Rage. If you have these kind of cards on your every deck you will surely increase the percentage of your winning rate against your opponent.
  2. Don’t be excited on deploying your Cards – Please don’t be brainless, you just don’t deploy your card if you have enough elixir, you have to think on what you will be deploying. You need to wait to your elixir to meet the needs of the cards that you will be deploying, for example you want to destroy 1 tower, you need to wait for atleast 9 elixir for Giant and Witch or Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Prince, I hope you get my point, you don’t just drop cards, you have to think.
  3. Don’t be Afraid to Loose Tower – Sometimes you need to sacrifice in able to win, you will not win if you always protect you towers. If your enemy deploy all his cards or if you know that he is lack elixir to depend is other side of tower, you will take advantage of that. You will deploy your high damage cards immediately so you can destroy that easily all the way to the Kings Landing.

So that’s the 3 tips that I have for you, I hope that you can apply that to your attacking strategy and improve you gaming in Clash Royale.

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