Clash Royale Hack – Strategy & Guides

Hey there! Hows your day? Looking for Clash Royale Hack? Are you enjoying playing your clash royale account? I know that this game from Supercell is really addicting, all the games that they developed are so much addiction, even for the adult ones, this game is not just for kids, adult can also enjoy this because this game is a strategy game and not just an enjoyable game, but for kids it’s just a fun games. Speaking of strategy, hows your attacking strategy going? Do always win in all your duel? Do you need something to improve about your strategy? Let’s talk about a little tricks on how you can improve your Clash Royale Skills.

Level up Cards – Do you Need Clash Royale Hack?

Nowadays attacking you opponent brainlessly is just a junk strategy, the new days of Clash Royale is already faded out, you need to come up this the new strategy on how you can bring down that King on the other side. I know that you can do that, but if your trophy is getting higher the opponent is getting stronger and stronger so you need to level up. In order the beat you opponent you need to level up all you cards, if you have enough coins and cards you need to level up that specific card immediately before attacking anyone. You also need to have an good cards like Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A to easily destroy the other side of the opponent, and Giants and allot of damages cards to easily destroy the middle. Take a look at the top 5 Clash Royale Cards here.

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Improve Attack Skills  – Using Clash Royale Gems

When the time goes by on playing your Clash Royale the competition is getting harder and harder, and some of the players are getting frustrated when they can’t beat the opponent and always ended up abandoning their account. But some players don’t want that to happen and their are searching for solutions and strategies and that player is you, you are very eager to find a solution to beat your opponent, so I will be teaching you some basic strategy.

If you want to beat your enemy you must have a high damage cards, tanker like high level giants, and rage spell. Now let’s go to the strategy, the first move you want to make is to wait until you elixir is full and then you will immediately release your high damage cards like Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A on the one side of your opponent (remember one side only), that will surely destroy the one side of you opponent, if you don’t have damage cards, you can just release the Barbarian and activate the rage spell, this will do the same job but you need to have a high level Barbarian card.

So that’s the simple strategy that will make you attacking skills better, just follow that every time you attack and you will have 60-90% winning rate.

Do you need to use Clash Royale Hack Cheats with your Problem on Leveling Up your Cards

If you can’t level up your cards you have a big problem. So you have all the cards that you need to win against your opponent but you don’t have enough gems and coins to level up you cards, the number 1 this you need to solve this problem is money, real life money, you need to buy gems in able to buy coins and cards so you can level up all your cards and easily win against the enemy. But some of the players don’t have that money and some don’t want to spend money because they are thinking that it’s just a waste of money, let me say this to you, if you want to buy gems just buy it if you have the money, there is no waste of money if you spend it in what you love, if you love to play Clash Royale you can spend your hard earn money with it but remember if you have some more important thing to do with you money like electric bills or rental, pay them first and if you have excess money, you can use it to buy your gems.

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Clash Royale Cards Level up Solution

But if you really don’t want to spend money with gems, my friend is using a strategy that can get her a gems as fastest as normal, he can level up all of her cards if she want them too. But I don’t know that strategy work and how she get gems but she said that it’s 100% safe and you can obtain the gems normally and don’t have to download anything to your mobile or computer.

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So let’s recap all the topics that we covered, first you need to level up the cards that you need to be able to beat all your enemy, if you don’t have enough coins and gems to level up you need to buy gems so you can level up all of your cards, but if you don’t have money to buy, you can follow my friend technique (some kind of clash royale hack) to gain more gems for your account. And if already have gems and level up all the cards that you need, you will just follow the attacking strategy that I gave above and you will surely beat you opponent easily that before.